Going green….

The global apparel manufacturing industry, in 2018, was valued at $658 billion, growing at a rate of 4.6% over the last five years. As a result of its size, the apparel industry accounts for 6.7% of the total global carbon emission. Many high-end brands have pledged to reduce Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% by 2030. Keeping all this in mind, Saadatia Sweaters has taken steps bu:

  • Reduce its carbon footprint by using an eco-friendly boiler.
  • Reduce water usage by installing flow control taps.
  • Reduce water in gardening and toilets.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Reduce electrical consumption by using led lights and energy-efficient machinery.
  • Use AZO-free dyes and eco-friendly sustainable raw materials.

The factory is built on 135,000 sqft of land, where about 67,500 sqft area has been used for gardening and vegetation purposes. Saadatia Sweaters uses electricity directly from private power plants, hence it does not have any generators. The electric substation has been set up with the latest green eco-friendly oil-free transformer. The boiler used in the factory is an eco-friendly boiler where the steam is reused. In 2021, The factory is equipped with Effluent Treatment Plant constructed in such a way that in near future it will be able to go for Zero liquid Discharge (ZLD). Currently, Saadatia Sweaters is working on the introduction of Solar panels and Sewage treatment plants (STP). It will be applying for LEED platinum certification soon.